Danny Underwood


Hi, I'm Danny.

I'm a musician, video producer, and presenter. My passion is sharing my insight and passions in a way that is fun and interesting. I enjoy engaging with creative people, and I LOVE to learn new things. 

I have various channels that I share my creative endeavours, and I am also a freelance videographer. Do you want to collaborate and make some content together? Shoot me an email

Ethics Statement:

I make videos that represent my own, genuine opinion and in order to be unbiased and avoid conflicts of interest I do not accept gear at no charge, and/or monetary payment in exchange for reviews or placements on my channels. I often feature gear that is borrowed, given, or bought at a discount but the manufacturer has no say in how their product is featured. I do utilize affiliate links when appropriate

The goal of my channels is to share broad knowledge and insight, and therefore I try to make every video as accessible as possible by not requiring a specific piece of gear.